On dreaming and aspirations…

Have you ever had a dream so awesome that you just couldn’t put it into words?

Picture this…

The day after the most AMAZING dream (or daydream) you’ve ever had

you go to your friends, and you attempt to explain,

shooting out details from beginning to end in an excited frenzy

but no matter what you say or do, no one will ever quite grasp the reality of what was going through your head…

You sense their lack of understanding, by the fake smiles, sleepy head nods, or the “I pretty much get it” head nod…

And, since you haven’t quite gotten the point across, you feel encouraged to hit your point by means of better expression, and you improvise some new approaches:

You enthusiastically repeat the most important parts a couple times over,

adding stronger emphasis to the same previously emphasized words…

Again no luck…

You try out different words,

You try out more of the same words,

You make exaggerated hand motions,

And try more words…

But, no matter how far you’ve gone to explain the details (and I guarantee whoever is listening has, for all practical reasons, stopped listening by now), there is usually only one thing that you can both comprehend and passionately agree on…

some things just can’t be put into words…

They can only be experienced.


Soon after college I had a rather enlightening experience (I may go into detail at a later date), which led me down a path to search for peace, day-in and day-out.  Ever since then, as if peace depended on it, I have been developing a dream that I wish to share.

How to share the dream

I could try to put it into words…

but that just wouldn’t be effective.

So, I invite you to follow me on my journey

and share the experiences.


I’ll say a few lofty things about the basics of the dream…

It has a lot to do with wine,

a little to do with business,

everything to do with people,

is completely driven by work,

and is rooted in the passion for quality.

What to expect from this blog

Expect stories of failure and success,

Expect goals and aspirations,

Expect small details,

Expect real people,

And (hopefully) expect an unreasonable amount of wine.

What NOT to expect



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