Humblest Beginnings

For those of you who have spoken to me lately, you’ve probably heard of my interest in local wine.

Though I’ve been working hard, (reading, researching, asking questions, attempting to build relationships, sending out proposals for jobs, and basically stressing over DOING something), I must say that my accomplishments are barely modest…


Homegrown Vines

Vine...of unknown variety


What have I got to show?!

  • A few tastings under my belt (minus $150)
  • An inactive blog (until now)
  • Three homegrown vines in the backyard (of, I’m embarrassed to say, unknown varieties).
  • A winemaking course: using kits (the instructor knows less than my self-educated self).
  • Trials and failures (if you’d like stories, please ask…but they may be boring).


This last bullet may find a place in my wine industry resume:

Mike LeFever

Goal:                       To make excellent wine.

Experience:              Volunteered for Sunset Hills vineyard               Nov. 17,2010

Drunk many wines

*References available upon request


Ok, so maybe I could spice the resume up if I tried,

but I’m not interested in tweaking it,

I’m interested in building it.

And I’ll do whatever it takes.

“Please Black Ankle…let me clean your fermentation tanks.”

Sugarloaf Mountain Winery…can I prune your vines for hours in the bitter cold?”

With the harvest done and the fermentation over, the next thing up is pruning the vines.

Next week I make calls.


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