Shooting in a Vineyard + Blogging

Tuesday, October 26th: 11 pm

I climbed into bed,

with excitement flowing through my veins.

My co-worker, Stephanie, had just agreed to do a photo-shoot at a local winery.

Here was the deal…

She takes amazing pictures of me (as is natural for her),

I get to keep and use the pictures (for this blog…the header specifically),

I buy her a bottle of wine,

And I pay for her submission to the Maryland Wine Photo Contest, in which she might (and I’m confident she has the ability to) win $500.


The following day…

Wednesday, October 27th: 2 pm

At Sugarloaf Vineyards,

Stephanie shoots like a professional,

while I lounge beneath the vines,



After the shoot,

we sample wine from this prestigious Maryland winery.


The photos have gone through editing.

I just have to pick up the CD.


Thanksgiving: After dinner

My uncle Joe, who’s hosting my domain, mentions that now transfers to


WordPress works,

but I want more freedom over design and function.

I’m considering building my own website.


Can anyone recommend a software to get me started?

(I own a Dell)

Thanks in advance!


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