The Making of a Successful Business Vine

At a networking event,

people MUST leave with your contact information.

After all, that’s how networking works… right?

With a few days until the event,

I realized I had a big problem to solve…

I don’t have a business card to hand out.

I needed a solution.

Something with my name. Something to connect people with what I’m doing.

I came up with a solution…

though, a rather unnerving one,

because it was so far off the grid, I figured it was destined for failure.

Let me explain…

My audience:

Office worker,

who (probably) enjoy wine,

and who exchange 3.5″x2″ business cards with people they meet.

My solution:

On flimsy paper,

hand-write my name/e-mail/website,

and attach it with scotch tape to a 2″ long grape vine.

An odd design,

that would definitely get some kind of reaction.

I questioned what might happen…

Q: What if they trash this old, slightly dirty, and cheap (made at no cost) “business card”?

A: Nothing would happen. They would never call me. They would probably never think of me again.

Q: What if they hold onto this unique, personal, and resourceful “business card”?

A: It will be a refreshing taste of nature in their cubicles… so far out of the box that they might remember me way down the road.

My approach, in business terms,

niche marketing.

I liked my chances,

And after all, I didn’t have any better ideas.

So, I began to craft…




Tape to vine.


Tape to paper.

Extra tape…

for stability.


My very first business card.

Vine business cards

And, you know what…

If everyone throws it away,

I’ll still consider it a success,

Because I’m keeping one.


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