Anticipating a fresh and free commute

What is this blog about?

What am I doing?

My custom Starbucks outfit

My custom Starbucks outfit

Seven months ago, I graduated college…

and continued to work at Starbucks.

Though I loved grooving through long lines of lattes,

I had other aspirations…

I was drawn to make wine.

South America? France? California?

…I considered them all…

but, to abandon Maryland and the unique terroir it offers, would be a sin.

So, I began a journey, plunging headfirst into the local wine industry…

Persistence, determination, discipline, focus…

…I wanted a job.

But not just any job…

I would take nothing less than

a dream job.

Questions, libraries, experiments, wine tastings, volunteer work, research…

Never stopping,

I followed every lead…

Eventually connecting

with Tom and Polly of Dodon.

One weekend of work led to another…

…which led to another…

…and another…

Until eventually,

a full-time job offer…

…Vineyard Manager…

…A dream job I couldn’t refuse…

beginning in March.

The gate opens ;)

The gate opens ;)

Where will I live?

Sabina is welcoming me to stay in her slave quarters temporarily.

…the vineyard is just beyond the tree line.

…and Annapolis is only a few miles away.

A good commute

A good commute

The vineyard is small, but growing (as we plant thousands more vines this year)…

For now, the staff is minimal… Polly, Tom, and me.

When the vines don’t need attention, I’ll be busy with other things…

Marketing, budgeting, making tables for the winery, winemaking, and much much more…

Follow along as I join Tom and Polly in a journey to make great American wine.

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