The first good night.

The turn signal sounds.
The old 92’ Honda approaches Dodon Rd.
It’s dark and late.
I breath deep…
Anticipating major changes.
As I spin the wheel,
I begin to wonder…
Should I go in the front door
or the basement?
I guess it doesn’t matter for now…
I’ll ask Polly and Tom if they have a preference later.
Dodon Rd. stretches about a mile total,
and I roll slowly through,
keeping my eyes peeled…
A deer, raccoon, or even a peacock could hop out at any moment.
But all is quiet and nothing moves.
Pulling up to a pitch black house,
I deem the basement an appropriate entrance.
In the car, I gather some refrigeratable items, my laptop, and the last plant of my mini collection…
A hot pepper plant.
Opening the car door,
I’m greeted with pure nature as
a clean humid air envelops me…
The smell of fresh rain accompanied by
the faint sound of frogs gearing up for spring.
Mmm… I breathe it in.

Inside I quietly settle into my new cozy bed.
I’ll be waking up early tomorrow to welcome the sunrise.
Alarm’s set.
Plans for tomorrow running through my head…
Excited to explore new possibilities…
Unwittingly, a smile stretches across my face
as appreciation and gratefulness overcomes me.


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