Dog run free.

May 5th

Tongue flapping.

Ears sleeked back.

The dog (Akeela) flies.

Cuts back behind the Gator

The Gator or "Toot toot" as Polly calls it

The Gator or "Toot toot" as Polly calls it

to find a grassy patch to run in.

Sprinting almost,


Dan and I cheer him on…


“Come ‘ere, boy”


“Goood boooy!”

The gator sputters on.

Wind in hair.

Coffee in hand…

We’re off to work in the vineyard.

Put putt putt

The gator slows

Putttt puttttt

As we approach the dirt road entrance…

Puttttt puttttt…

Dan pulls the gator to the right

our eyes pan left….

The poison ivy vine chopped yesterday…

Is it wilting yet?

Tongue flapping,

The dog breezes right through it,

an oily leaf smacking him across the snout.

Poison Ivy encroaching on the entrance

Poison Ivy encroaching on the entrance

And no…

Not wilting yet.

“Ugh… dog”

Putttttt puttt putt

The Gator picks up speed.

The dog sprints ahead…

Ahead and to the left,

the Peafowl howl!


The dog veers hard left.

A peahen sprints six steps,

opens her wings,

and with a weighty takeoff,

leaves ground…

Escaping the playful clutches of the dog,

and settling, rather stressed, in a nearby tree.

Putt putt putt,

The gator doesn’t stop.

Urgency strikes the dog.

He abandons the peafowl,

and bending back to the road,

he sprints to catch up to the Gator



he clears a small twig…

full extension.

And so begins the day.


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