Sex change… back to the way things were supposed to be.

“Tender,” I said.

“Haha,” my brother, Ricky, smiled,

and he continued his work, coughing out a mini frustrated grunt.

Shoot positioning (to give you an idea of what we’re doing… subtract the ninjas)

I was in the row ahead… Merlot.

Behind me, Ricky was struggling through a row of Cabernet Franc:

Wild. Free.


I had had this idea before, that Merlot is feminine in character.

Though, against my gut instinct, I chose the title, “Mr. Merlot” for a lead role in the blog.

“It’s definitely a she,” I restated as we continued working.

Ricky nodded his head, agreeing.

Though he hadn’t laid a hand on one of these lovely Merlot’s yet,

it was evidence enough

to see me dancing

from one girl to the next,

freeing them up, straightening them up,

with ease and grace…

and moving along at such speed,

as to make my work seem like play.

And so, I must announce,

that Mr. Merlot, is now Miss Merlot…


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