Decisions, decisions, questions left unanswered.

First and foremost, the focus is on making excellent wine.

Rather than writing July Reflections,

which I sort of enjoy (but not that much) …and you probably feel the same way.

I’ve gotten sidetracked…

Viticulture studies are just so much more interesting, and super relevant (to me at least).

I love this one about leaf pulling…

the data suggests leaf pulling before bloom (pre-bloom) can significantly reduce disease pressure…

Less disease = more time on the vine = bigger interval in which we can decide to harvest

I also saw another study relating to pre-bloom leaf pull (which I can’t find the link to). It suggested that the earlier you leaf pull, the fewer Methoxypyrazines (the bell peppery smell) will be present in the berries at harvest.

These two pieces of information are just screaming “Leaf pull before bloom!”

But, we should consider one more valuable piece of information… All the growers I’ve spoken to wait until after fruit set until they leaf pull.

Is there a reason for this?! Will something, immeasurable by scientific calculations, create a worser berry?!

I’m looking for a “green light” answer, but haven’t found it yet.

It’s a definite “red light” if you use a machine, because the berries need to get a little weight first in order to work properly. Light-weight pre-bloom clusters would get sucked in and chopped up.

The implications that pre-bloom leaf pulling may have on flavor could be substantial… especially for those of you (who like myself) prefer a wine with less bell pepper/vegetal flavor rather than more.

But for now, I gotta go.

Dinner is calling.

And wine sits…

waiting to be sipped.

So long!

P.s. Apologies for not keeping up with Miss Merlot… she’s still alive in case you were worried.


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