Stealing the Big Deep Inky

Half a foot deep,
Into a dark black hole,
A large glass pipette descends into a barrel:
so as not to disturb the sleeping beast.

Patiently, a thumb waits on the other end of the pipette, ready
to secure a portion, stolen
straight from the inky purple heart of the monster.

Pinching, the thumb caps the pipette, closing the sample off
from the rest of the barrel,
and the hand of this young Mendocino woman
gradually retracts the pipette like slipping a bottle out from the snuggling arms of a sleeping baby.

Outside the muted atmosphere of the barrel,
camera’s flash, people scuffle.
An excited “thank you” echoes off the cement walls
as the pipette is just about to let release it’s juice
Into the first lucky glass.

A danish woman catches the deep inky malbec,
Her glass disappears from the action.
The pipette dives down to steal another portion.

This is La Azul…

One tiny winery amongst giants in this new, growing, and highly commercialized area called the Uco Valley.


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