To new beginnings for Crow Farm!

June 23, 2012

Lightning cracked the sky.
The whole sky
miles ahead of us.
And we could see it all.
We could see the storm rolling in,
forcing oak leaves to turn up
And the tops of the vines…
waving like a crowd around a stadium,
throwing their growing tips back in exaltation,
Praising the storm
for a much needed downpour.

This last Friday, I took a trip with Polly and Tom out to the Eastern Shore, where Crow Farms threw a “soft opening” in preparation for the “grand opening” the next day.

The celebratory gathering was nearing its’ end as I stood outside the entrance to the tasting room,
by the power of the nearing storm.
A few others stood around to soak it in.
The flat terrain of the eastern shore housed miles of open fields
leaving the view open to see the entire enormity of the storm.

The past two days had been plagued by a heat wave introducing record-breaking temps to the east coast.
Storms rode in on the tail end of this wave.
The electricity provoked by the heat,
And the lightning danced.
Relief and satisfaction.
Rain had been scarce at the Dodon vineyard, over the past month in Davidsonville (near Annapolis),
and the vines would benefit from this well-timed downpour.
The storm approached from across the Bay Bridge,
and it must have passed over our vines.
The wind picked up even further.
Unhindered by trees, buildings, people,
it flooded the landscape,
and brought with it a sense of urgency.
Commanding people to their cars before the rain was upon us.

I turned to go inside,
To say some “thank you’s” along with “farewells.”

Upon opening the door,
Roy and Judy, the owners, were beaming with delight
as they received a present from one of the guests.

The event was a success, for certain.
Excellent estate-grown wines,
Delicious appetizers that included grass-fed beef from the farm,
And an array of friends, family members, and co-workers,
all of whom were full of life as they joined in to celebrate the beginning of this new venture.

Cheers! Best of luck to the Crows!

You can check out the Crow website here

Crow Farms currently has three wines available:
-Sparkling Vidal – Nice yeasty component, with a refreshing acidity
-Vidal Blanc – Bubble gum nose up front, full mid-palate with a subtle hint of sweet, nice length in the finish (can‘t believe this is Vidal!)
-And a Dry Rose – From Merlot and Barbera


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